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Flavour and aromatic qualities are essential to really good coffee, which Meseta are proud to be dedicated in ensuring that each and every bean meets the very high standards that true Italians wouldnt compromise.

The Crema Oro has that magical combination of 70% Aribica and 30% Robusta beans for a velvety smooth rich coffee. Oro bar is a must for the cappuccino lovers with a perfect 50-50 % balance and a dream for espresso aficionados, whilst the SuperCrema has chocolate tones and a smotth creamy taste. Lastly 100% Supremo Aribica , the title says it all ……….. coffee for the purest in mind.


Oro Bar 1KG

This is the blend that best depicts typically Italian taste, and fully represents Meseta long experience.

Thanks to its special roast, the selected Robusta beans from India, Africa and the Far East are mixed to perfection with the Arabica beans from the plateaus of Brazil. The result is a blend with character and fullness, combining body and aroma superbly.

Meseta coffee quality is guaranteed by specific quality checks made in every process phase. Meseta checks begin at the moment of harvesting, in the countries of origin, where the company’s experts carefully select the best green coffees and verify their conformity with predefined standards. Once the coffee has arrived in Italy, it undergoes additional chemical/physical checks and specific taste tests at the company’s internal laboratory.

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Oro Bar 1KG

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