Our Meseta Coffee Capsules

Each capsule is individually packed in a hermetically sealed environment that guarantees high hygienic safeness for a perfect product and flavour protection. Meseta Capsules System coffee capsules have a long lasting crema with a perfect blend of colour and taste every time and we have imulated this for our new Nespresso compatible capasules. Exclusivly designed and packed in Bologna, Italy in our own roasting house for the Meseta capsule system, KTM (motor bike) , Atimo machines and now the Nespresso capules machines

Meseta Capsule system 
Packed in cartons of 10 or 100 pieces and delivered to your door in a selection of five different flavours. Espresso, 100% Arabica, Intenso, Decafinated and Extra Lungo. The beans are sectretly selected from our roating house in Bologna to our own recipes to a flavour and body that Italians have grown up with all there lives
The only Bio-degradable capsule on the market.



Taster Pack B - 10-PKG Box

This taster pack contains two blends to sample for those coffee lovers that enjoy fresh coffee but with a lighter flavour with Extra lungo that is not so strong but maintains that taste to fantastic coffee and Intenso that has a smooth creamy coffee with a rich aroma

  • 5 x Extra Lungo
  • 5 x Intenso
Product Code - 62717731

Taster pack contains:

5 x Extra Lungo
5 x Intenso Capsules

Taster Pack B - 10-PKG Box

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