Frothing Whisk

Battery operated hand held whisk, Ideal for adding volume to milk before adding your Espresso emulating that professional smooth flavour to your Cappuccino, Latte, Machiato and many more in just a few seconds.

(batteries not included)

Simply insert the whisk into your warmed milk placing the whisk head to the bottom of the cup at first and gradually raise the head slowly, keeping the vortex of the milk under control until your milk has volumised to your taste. Add your shot of coffee over the frothed milk for that professional taste.

Tip:- dont fill your cup with milk, remember you will need to leave space for the milk to expand during frothing and you will need to add your shot of coffee on the top.

£7.99 (inc. VAT)
Product Code - 92017344


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Frothing Whisk

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